Experimental NDB Patches

I’ve just put up the current “add node” patch… which is like, totally experimental and kills kittens… but could be interesting for people to have a look at as it progresses. Still lots of work before production ready – but people here at the MySQL Conf have said they’re interested in looking at the code for it.

You can grab a combined patch or the quilt series from:


Applies to 5.1… at least on a few weeks ago tree.

DaveM on Ingo’s SMP lock validator

DaveM talks about Ingo’s new SMP lock validator for linux kernel

A note reminding me to go take a look and see what can be ripped out and placed into various bits of MySQL and NDB. Ideally, of course, it could be turned into a LD_PRELOAD for pthread mutexes.

Anybody who wants to look deeper into it before I wake up again is welcome to (and tell me what they find)