popcon-historical: a tool for monitoring package popularity in debian/ubuntu

I’ve just uploaded (where ‘just’ is defined as “a little while ago”) popcon-historical to github. It’s a rather rudimentary way to look at the popcon data from Debian and Ubuntu over time. It loads all the data into a Drizzle database and then has a small perl web-app to generate graphs (and CSV).

Github: https://github.com/stewartsmith/popcon-historical

I’ve also put up a project page on it: https://flamingspork.com/popcon-historical/

An example graph is this one of Percona Toolkit vs Maatkit installs in Ubuntu over time:

You can actually get it to graph any package (which, unlike the graphs on debian.org, the package does not have to be in the Debian archive to graph it over time – it can be a package from third party repos).