Slashdot | Olympic Medalist was Spyware King

Slashdot | Olympic Medalist was Spyware King

They ask “shouldn’t they be disqualified for behaviour like that”. Well, personally I think it should carry jail time. Possibly public flogging. In fact, just have somebody poke them with a sharp stick every minute of every day for 10 years and occationally have loud things scream in their ears. Also, make their phone ring with telemarketers and their mailbox fill up with offers for stuff they don’t need or want.

I hate spammers. Rot in $bad_place you parasites.

I really have no time for spammers.

Westpac Internet -Terms and conditions

Westpac Internet -Terms and conditions

It seems that Westpac are not only clueless when it comes to security, they also don’t yet know about how the web works.

Aparrently this violates their “Terms and conditions”. Oh, and so does this.

That’s right. go put your mouse over those links.

That’s right boys and girls – they are that retarded that they don’t want you linking to:

  1. their front page
  2. the page listing their “terms and conditions”

Consider this a public flogging with a friggin huge clue stick.

I hope your browsers break and you can’t click on any links to anywhere on the web – you deserve it.

I bet you any 5 year old has a better understanding of the web than Westpac. You are a mentally retarded spoon.

Phorum’s RSS sucks

Noticed this about our web based forums today:

the “Re: What is this? “Can’t find record in ”’ on query.”” post on the cluster forum from 10/02/06 07:53:20 isn’t the last message in that thread. there are currently 6 messages of which I only see 2.

Not only that, but from looking at the RSS, I can’t even see this post.

argh! So I shot off an email to our internal guys. The reply was that they don’t have hacking Phorum on their radar (fair enough). Of course, this just means that Phorum sucks[1] (or at least did in the version we do) and adds to the list of reasons why web based forums are much like doing $adjective to $noun.

What is it with new internet lamers and the inability to use an email program? Or even an nntp client (okay, usenet is officially crap now unless you just want spam and pornography) but the tradition of companies having internal/external nntp servers is old, tried and true.

[1] Phorum may itself be a great web based forum. It’s just that all web based forums suck – on principle.

New Category: Inciting Hatred

This is where I will clasify posts that point out how dumb something is. I will feel more free to use explicit language, exaggerated comparisons and will encourage hatred of whatever cheeses me off whenever I choose to write about it.

I would have used “rant” as a category, but this way it’ll screw with those word-scraping spying programs used to “protect” us.

debian installer partitioning tool

It blows slightly less goat than the previous offering.

It totally blows against something like the RH/Fedora tool. Like, they actually work properly and won’t show you something as dumb as LVM VGs and LVs witohut an underlying lvm partition set up anywhere. Oh, and the supremely broken behaviour of giving weird partition error messages repeatedly when I’m trying to set up /boot.

Oh how you irritate me. Isn’t this RAID and LVM thing meant to be easy. So why isn’t it?

Because it’s obviously a good idea to re-invent the bloody wheel a few times, that’s why. I think i would have preferred doing it all on the command line. Fuck that sucks donkey.