Big Day Out 2011

Yesterday, I headed to the Big Day Out in Melbourne with Leah, Hayden and Michael. This is after Leah and I had spent the last week at – which (as anyone who’s ever been knows) is wonderful and tiring. I am amazed that this conference has continued to be so incredibly awesome and am still amazed that I speak at it and that my talks are often well received.

Leah @ Big Day Out Hayden and michael at BDO

First off we managed to see the Deftones. Somebody seriously needed smacking around the head with the levels… it just didn’t quite sound right. I do like the Deftones though, and was glad to catch them.\

By this time in the day, it was making days on the playa seem like childs play. Lots of water and really quite warm. Out of 52,000 at BDO this year, 1000 were treated for dehydration. I think there needs to be giant “Piss Clear” signs here too.

I managed to see Paul Dempsey, who I’ve seen solo once before playing Something For Kate material several years ago now – and it was truly one of the most awesome shows I’ve seen. I really enjoyed his performance at BDO and he certainly has to be one of my most favourite male vocalists.

Paul Dempsey

Next up? Wolfmother! That’s right kids, I missed half of Iggy and the Stooges to see Wolfmother. They didn’t disappoint – it was rather awesome and sooo totally nearly ditched everyone in the shade to run in jumping about.

Wolfmother Wolfmother

Iggy and the Stooges (well, the last half). I want to be doing this when I’m 63. Seriously. One year Hayden said that Iggy Pop was the best act he saw… and I can believe it. Again, awesome.


Then it did get explodingly awesome. Yes, this means Rammstein.

Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein

There should certainly be more bands using explosions as instruments and midway through fire a flamethrower high enough so that shorter people in the middle of the crowd can see it – how considerate! The heat from fire could be felt from where we were – AWESOME.

Finally….. Tool.


I saw them last time they were at Big Day Out (and when they played in Melbourne the next week). I’m doing the same this time around. I think finishing with Stinkfist gave a lovely end to the night – and loved how the crowd was right into Aenima. I cannot wait to see them on Wednesday night.