Beware Digital Rights Traps

I’ve added the “Beware Digital Rights Traps” buttons to both my blog page and the main page of

I’ve also taken a photo I took ages ago and used it as a header image thingy. doesn’t look to bad on the front page… not 100% happy with the wordpress theme integration atm.

bzr the website dude

I’m currently in the process of trying out Tailor to convert the CVS repository that stores the revision history of my website to bzr.

I’ve been meaning to try bzr again for ages, and here’s the excuse. I’m going to see if this is going to work well for me.

Basically, what I do is I hack things locally, test, then rsync to web host. I blog using the live webhost site and rsync back (with a mysqldump before the rsync).

The only thing I’m really noticing at the moment is that the import speed seems to be fairly slow. If I were doing this on a mysql tree, I’d probably just go to bed. or wait until next week.

Thanks to James for his handy little HOWTO on doing this.

PortaWiki going well (Wiki for portability issues)

PortaWiki is going pretty well. We’ve got a couple of contribututors at the moment and getting good little bits on the various oddities of various platforms. I encourage you to check it out and add things that you know.

It’d be great to have a MySQL section there too. In versions previous to 5.0 for example, you may get different results from some math operations on different platforms as we used the floating point stuff. In 5.0 we have precision math so this isn’t a problem – but it probably caused somebody to raise an eyebrow in the past. Volunteers?

how not to design a website

be a speaker at OSDC. Use their web system. I’m a smart guy and getting confused. Honestly guys, send in the slides for a presentation should not be a difficult task.

Contrast this with the recent AUUG conf where i attached files to an email and then clicked on the big Send button.

If via a web form it should be the *exact* equivilent. Not four different fields to specify the darn title of the thing.

PortaWiki – collaboration on portability issues

At AUUG2005 last week, Arjen, myself and others were discussing the idea of trying to assemble some sort of common resources that multiple projects can use to contribute and find out about portability issues they stumble across.

The idea being that we can all then learn from each other and write better, more portable software.

So, I’ve set something up.

I present, the incredibly bare (okay, not quite completely bare) PortaWiki.

Please add whatever stuff you find, you know or anything. No idea how this is going to work – I plan to let it evolve.

(Arjen tells me that Peter Gutmann should receive credit as he thinks he came up with the idea. Kudos to him).

blog spam

Mikal laments about the evils of blog spam – – Blog spam continued.

Let me let all of you non-wordpress using people (who have comments enabled) know that you have been living in sin!

Yes, there is an answer to all your problems. I’ve been running the HashCash extenstion to wordpress for about a week. In that time, I have received no comment spam. Only real comments.

How freakin awesome is that?

Integrating MemberDB with LA’s look-and-feel

Well… since LA actually has a look and feel now (thanks to the new website), I have to make good on the “site look is independent of the actual memberdb code” statement.

It’s proving to be sorta-true. A couple more patches into memberdb and it should all be right.

Oh, not to mention patches to the LA website :)

We’re going to have to undo some of those silly styling things (such as styling all h1 tags to be in the same position on the screen).

Screenshot of an Early effort at integrating LA's website with MemberDB

exciting new world of comments

comments are back! well, until the spam is unmanagable, and then i’ll have to go and moderate everything. At least it’s better than MT though, where it just accepts everything and you have to go hunting for bad things.

I like WordPress!

I’ve started to use Straw again, a cool News aggregator for GNOME (written in Python from memory). Basically to try and keep up with various blogs/dev blogs around the place.


New junkcode addition – jpeg_recover.c

Borne out of weirdness going wrong with a friend’s compact flash card while we were on holiday – suddenly a bunch of photos went missing. It didn’t seem to be easy to recover them using conventional manipulations of the FAT filesystem, so instead (without an internet connection, but with lots of beer) hacked up a program that searches through a file (given as the command line parameter) extracts things that look like jpeg files and dumps them in the current directory. It can produce a number of false-positives, which is probably due to the fact that I didn’t have access to any jpeg specs, so this is all from looking at some jpeg files and working out something simple, quickly. But hey, we got a fair few of the photos back.