Shocked and Stunned (that code exists and does work)

#define READ_ALL 1 /* openfrm: Read all parameters */ #define EXTRA_RECORD 8 /* Reservera plats f|r extra record */ and later on….   if (prgflag & (READ_ALL+EXTRA_RECORD))     records++; Feel free to think about that for a second. (I have an … Continue reading

The Table protobuf message format

If you’ve ever opened up drizzled/message/table.proto in the Drizzle source tree you will have seen what’s in the table message: the structure that describes a database table in Drizzle. Previously I’ve talked about the Table message more generally, giving a … Continue reading

The Schema protobuf message: Drizzle’s metadata on a schema

I’ve previously talked about table metadata in Drizzle and how we use the table protobuf message to describe a table (see Drizzle FRM Replacement and others). The model in Drizzle is that the engine is responsible for its metadata. For … Continue reading

Drizzle pluggable MetadataStore (or: no table definition file on disk)

My code is shaping up rather nicely (see and I’m planning to submit a merge-request for it later today. I’m about to commit code that implements a MetadataStore for the ARCHIVE engine. This means that for ARCHIVE tables, you … Continue reading