SCM performance

Linus is right when he talks about the performance of SCMs…. and that BitKeeper was about the first one to be worth using at all (really).

But as an interesting speed comparison… I’ve managed to pull the latest git (with git) and build it in less time than BitKeeper has taken to pull the latest NDB tree…. hrrm..

One of the reasons I’m so enjoying quilt for every day hacking is that it is blindingly fast.

bitkeeper unlock -s magic

If you ever get something like this:

bk clone -lq ndb bug25567

clone: unable to readlock /home/stewart/Documents/MySQL/5.1/ndb

then try this:

bk unlock -s

to remove stale locks.

I have no idea how anybody is meant to come to the command from the error message… blindly guessing ‘bk help unlock’ worked for me though.

mysql NDB team trees up on

If you head over here: mysql on you can get a copy of the NDB team trees. This is where we push stuff before it hits the main MySQL trees so that we can get some extra testing in (also for when pulling from the main tree). So you can be relatively assured that this is going to work fairly well for NDB and have the latest bug fixes.

Of course, if anything is going to break here – it’s going to be NDB :)

This should allow you to get easy access to the latest-and-greatest NDB code.

At some point soon I’ll update my scripts that generate doxygen output (and builds) to do the -ndb trees.