Exporting a set of bzr revisions as a quilt series

There has to be a better way than this… but it does work (at least for revisions 11 through 141):

for rev in `seq 11 141`;
if [ -z "`bzr diff -r\`expr $rev - 1\`..$rev|diffstat -p0 -l|grep ^tests`" ];
(bzr log -r$rev --forward --log-format=long
| sed -e 's/^  //;
/^revno:.*$/d; /^committer:.*/d; /^branch nick:/d;
/^timestamp: /d; /^message:/d';
bzr diff -r`expr $rev - 1`..$rev --prefix a/storage/innodb_plugin/:b/storage/innodb_plugin/) > patches/$rev.patch ;
echo $rev.patch >> patches/series;

Bazaar importmbox plugin

Releasing and announcing software is win! I’ve had this bumming around for a bit, and for me (and I think others hacking on MySQL) it’s been rather useful. Simple plugin that takes each email in an mbox, applies the patch and commits it with the correct author to a bzr repo. Very useful if you use quilt and bzr together (“quilt mail –mbox” and then “bzr importmbox”).

I finally published it up at:



SCM performance

Linus is right when he talks about the performance of SCMs…. and that BitKeeper was about the first one to be worth using at all (really).

But as an interesting speed comparison… I’ve managed to pull the latest git (with git) and build it in less time than BitKeeper has taken to pull the latest NDB tree…. hrrm..

One of the reasons I’m so enjoying quilt for every day hacking is that it is blindingly fast.