innodb and memcached

I had a quick look at the source tree (I haven’t compiled it, just read the source – that’s what I do. I challenge any C/C++ compiler to keep up with my brain!) that’s got a tarball up on for the memcached interface to innodb. A few quick thoughts:

  • Where’s the Bazaar tree on launchpad? I hate pulling tarballs, following the dev tree is much more interesting from a tech perspective (especially for early development releases). I note that the NDB memcached stuff is up on launchpad now, so yay there. I would love it if the InnoDB team in general was much more open with development, especially with having source trees up on launchpad.
  • It embeds a copy of the memcached server engines branch into the MySQL tree. This is probably the correct way to go. There is no real sense in re-implementing the protocol and network stack (this is about half what memcached is anyway).
  • The copy of the memcached engine branch seems to be a few months old.
  • The current documentation appears to be the source code.
  • The innodb_memcached plugin embeds a memcached server using an API to InnoDB inside the MySQL server process (basically so it can access the same instance of InnoDB as a running MySQL server).
  • There’s a bit of something that kind-of looks similar to the Embedded InnoDB (now HailDB) API being used to link InnoDB and memcached together. I can understand why they didn’t go through the MySQL handler interface… this would be bracing to say the least to get correct. InnoDB APIs, much more likely to have fewer bugs.
  • If this accepted JSON and spat it back out… how fast would MongoDB die? weeks? months?
  • The above dot point would be a lot more likely if adding a column to an InnoDB table didn’t involve epic amounts of IO.
  • I’ve been wanting a good memcached protocol inside Drizzle, we have ,of course, focused on stability of what we do have first. That being said…. upgrade my flight home so I can open a laptop… probably be done well before I land….. (assuming I don’t get to it in the 15 other awesome things I want to hack on this week)

LCA Miniconf Call for Papers: Data Storage: Databases, Filesystems, Cloud Storage, SQL and NoSQL

This miniconf aims to cover many of the current methods of data storage and retrieval and attempt to bring order to the universe. We’re aiming to cover what various systems do, what the latest developments are and what you should use for various applications.

We aim for talks from developers of and developers using the software in question.

Aiming for some combination of: PostgreSQL, Drizzle, MySQL, XFS, ext[34], Swift (open source cloud storage, part of OpenStack), memcached, TokyoCabinet, TDB/CTDB, CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase….. and more!

Call for Papers open NOW (Until 22nd October).